Shipping & Refund Policy


  • All orders will come with shipping tracking numbers.
  • Shipping days are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of each week, except holidays.
  • All orders are shipped insured.  However, once they arrive at their destination, they are the responsibility of the purchaser.  We nor USPS/UPS/Fedex are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged products after that point.
  • We are not responsible for an incorrect shipping address.
  • We do not ship Dubia Roaches to Florida.  
  • We do not ship to Alaska or Hawai'i.


Live Arrival Guarantee

We guarantee that your order from us will arrive alive when each of the Conditions below are met, and subject to the Details and Limitations that follow. Though we do not guarantee live arrival when the following conditions are not met, we encourage anyone with a live arrival issue to contact us and describe the situation. We want all our customers to be happy, and we may be able to work something out, depending on the circumstances.


  1. Temperature: Your local temperature must be between 40° F and 80° F, as must the temperature en route. We do not guarantee live arrival when the temperature falls below 40° F or rises above 80° F at any time while the package is in transit either (a) in the delivery zip code, or (b) at any location listed in the package tracking history. While heat and cold packs are usually effective at keeping insects alive during shipment in extreme temperatures, they do not eliminate risk and are not a guarantee against loss.
  2. Delivery: The package must be accepted. Refusing delivery will void our Live Arrival Guarantee.
  3. Regular Shipping Days: The package must be shipped on a regular shipping day, which is Monday through Wednesday, or on a non-regular shipping day our discretion. Packages shipped on non-regular shipping days at the customer’s request are not covered by our Live Arrival Guarantee.
  4. Documentation: The condition of the insects at the time of arrival must be clearly documented with video or digital photographs. These must be emailed to us within two hours of the arrival time indicated by the carrier’s tracking system.

Details and Limitations: If the Conditions above are met, we will issue a credit at our discretion for the value of the dead insects. Shipping costs are final and non-refundable. They are not guaranteed, credited, or refunded.

Changing/Cancelling Orders

We do not guarantee that an order can be changed or canceled after it has been placed. If you wish to change or cancel your order, email immediately. While we will try to honor these requests, sometimes we just aren't able to get your order changed before it is packed and shipped.


Refund Policy

All living items (feeders, animals, plants, etc) cannot be returned to Zhi's Bug Hub for a refund or exchange.